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Track Clearance 2015   – click on a photo to enlarge

New clearance of vegetation from the trackbed from Portishead to Pill took place between January and March 2015, to enable a full topographical survey to be undertaken in Spring 2015. Further clearance was done during 2015. This was needed so that GRIP 3 & 4 engineering design work can progress. See News 19 Jan 2015.

Track clearance now takes place annually to ensure continued

survey access and to reduce overgrowth in preparation for the

construction phase.

Preliminary track clearance took place in 2013 – photos …

See also 2021 clearance photos ....


From Quays Avenue looking

towards Waitrose 27 Feb 2015

From Tansy Lane ‘crossing’ looking towards Quays Avenue 16 Feb 2015

From Tansy Lane ‘crossing’ looking towards Bristol 16 Feb 2015

Photo courtesy of John & Liz Wilson Feb 2015

From Sheepway bridge looking towards Portishead, 16 Feb 2015

From Sheepway bridge looking towards Pill and Bristol, 16 Feb 2015

From Portbury bridge looking towards Portishead, 23 Jan 2015

Clearance work at Portbury in Dec 2015. Photo courtesy of David Gradwell

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Photographic record of track bed from Pill Junction to Portishead after 2015 clearance here >>