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Preliminary Track Clearance 2013   - click a photo to enlarge

Portishead 2013

Portishead, looking towards Portbury

Portishead, looking towards Quays Avenue

Single track section leaving Portishead

From Quays Avenue looking towards Waitrose

From Sheepway bridge looking towards Portishead - 2 April 2013

From Sheepway bridge looking towards Bristol - 2 April 2013

From Marsh Lane Bridge looking towards Portishead - 2 April 2013

Just after the Marsh Lane Bridge tunnel looking towards Pill. 27 March 2013

The preliminary clearance of vegetation from the track in these photos between Quays Avenue and the junction with the existing freight line near Pill was done by North Somerset Council in 2013. This was to enable investigation work on the trackbed, culverts and bridges etc.

Further clearance was done in Jan/Feb 2015 to enable a full topographical survey to be undertaken. See 2015 photos

Track clearance now takes place annually to ensure continued survey access and to reduce overgrowth in preparation for the construction phase. See 2021 photos ...

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An unusual shot by Ann Singer - June 2013


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