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A mural was erected at the site originally proposed for the future station at Portishead. The mural, a part of the campaign to reopen the railway, was commissioned by Pure Offices and Portishead Railway Group with support from Crest Nicholson and Persimmon.

The mural was painted by local artist Aili Purdy and unveiled by Liam Fox, MP, on 28 April 2012.

The mural was removed on 31 Aug 2014. Reasons for removal …

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The mural embodies images from the past, present and future of Portishead and the surrounding area. Included are: the first train to Portishead in 1867, the High Street in 1890, a 1909 horse carriage, a diesel railcar from 1954, the modern marina, and a future train and station. Aili drew inspiration for this type of painting from rock paintings and murals she visited in China. Explore mural detail ...

Map of station and mural site  

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   Map of station and mural location

Liam Fox about to unveil the mural.

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Winners of the Railway Poster competition. Click to enlarge

Plaque erected alongside the mural.

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