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Removal of the Mural

Portishead Railway Group (PRG) has taken the decision to dismantle the large mural close to Lidl’s car park. This was done on Sunday 31st August 2014.

The mural which was painted by local artist Aili Purdy, and unveiled by Dr. Liam Fox M.P. on 28th April 2012, has now been subject to two fierce winters and the framework is beginning to show its age.  

Persimmons Homes have kindly paid the public liability insurance for it for the current year, but when it expires the liability will become the responsibility of PRG, and as a voluntary campaign group we cannot take on that responsibility.

PRG wants to make it clear that the decision to take down the mural was taken some time ago and is not as a result of the current station location discussions (Aug 2014).

PRG is keen to hear from any individual or organisation who would like to display the mural either inside or outside, or on a wall or in a free standing location. Please e-mail us at

PRG and the artist have received many complimentary comments about the mural, and the leaflets available from the associated box, it was a difficult decision that we had to make but unfortunately wooden structures do not last forever.

Thank you to all the people for their comments and PRG hopes that the mural has given pleasure to those who have looked at it and that even for a short time it brightened up that corner of the car park

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