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Press Articles 2007 & 2008 - newer at top

Below are most of the articles about the railway or with a connection, that featured in the local press (and sometimes national press) during 2007 and 2008. The headlines below link to the publications' archived articles or to copies of the text. Articles marked # are unfortunately no longer available from this site as they have been removed from the newspapers’ site. Articles from previous years are available. See bottom of page.

Council makes tracks toward Bristol to Portishead line

Evening Post - 19 August 2008

Rail boom boost for Posset line

Clevedon Mercury - 31 July 2008

Railway line back on track?

North Somerset Times - 29 June 2008

The Portishead Line

Evening Post - 23 June 2008

Trains could take the strain for commuters by 2014

Western Daily Press - 19 June 2008

Let’s get Bristol Trains on the right track

Evening Post - 10 June 2008

Survey could put rail plan back on track

Clevedon Mercury - 6 March 2008

Forget water taxis, reopen our rail line

Evening Post - 20 February 2008

Deal would keep rail link bid alive

Evening Post - 31 January 2008

PM runs towns train bid off the rails (reply to petition) #

Western Daily Press - 17 January 2008

Quicker from London to Paris than Portishead

Clevedon Mercury 29 November 2007

Snarl-ups costing greater Bristol area £350m a year #

Evening Post 13 October 2007

Rail link petition gets rolling on line #

Evening Post 29 Sept 2007

PM petitioned online to reinstate rail link #

Clevedon Mercury 13 Sept 2007

We’re getting jammed up #

Clevedon Mercury 13 Sept 2007

West to lose out on £10bn rail investment #

Western Daily Press 28 July 2007

Transport Body wins backing #

Evening Post 25 July 2007

Tory call to protect old railways

BBC News - web site - 26 April 2007

Railway bosses behind the times

Evening Post 6 April 2007

Start on Road Pricing or lose out on £1.4bn

The Times 20 February 2007

Derailed - Feature article about Portishead line

Evening Post - Seven magazine 17 Feb 07

Showcase bus plans won’t work

Evening Post 17 February 2007

Green belt plans for (Portishead) railway Phased reopening proposal

Clevedon Mercury 25 January 2007

Severn beach line to get £140,000

Evening Post 26 January 2007

PM hints at major transport overhaul

Evening Post 25 January 2007

Travellers calling for improvements (‘Growing the Railways’ campaign) #

Evening Post 19 January 2007

Return to half-hourly trains depends on cash (Severn Beach line) #

Evening Post 19 January 2007

Lib Dems under fire over rail subsidies (Severn Beach line)

Evening Post 16 January 2007

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