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Press Articles 2005 – newer at top

Below are most of the articles about the railway or with a connection, that featured in the local press (and sometimes national press) during 2005. The headlines below link to the publications' archived articles or to copies of the text. Articles marked # are unfortunately no longer available from this site as they have been removed from the newspapers’ sites.  

Back on track for rail link?

Western Daily Press 14 December 2005

Rail line hopes revived

Evening Post 14 December 2005

Transport group is first for Bristol

Evening Post 14 December 2005

It’s full steam ahead

Western Daily Press 10 December 2005

Marina to bring traffic chaos on M5

Evening Post 5 December 2005

Campaigners join forces

Clevedon Mercury 1 December 2005

We want our railway not new buses #

Evening Post 27 October 2005

Backing to open old rail route #

North Somerset Times 26 October 2005 (1st article)

Transport study fails town #

North Somerset Times 26 October 2005 (2nd article)

New transport proposals #

Evening Post 23 October 2005

Build busway over (Severn Beach) rail line

Evening Post 10 October 2005

More than 25000 new homes to be built #

Weston Mercury 19 Aug & North Somerset Times 24 Aug 2005

Threat to feasible £1million

North Somerset Times 10 Aug 2005

Blow for rail link hope

Evening Post 4 Aug 2005

Rail hope setback #

Western Daily Press 4 Aug 2005

Landowner in fence fiasco #

Clevedon Mercury 28 July 2005

Give back our link

Western Daily Press 22 July 2005

Campaigners lobby city

North Somerset Times 20 July 2005

Steam up for Posset link

Clevedon Mercury 14 July 2005

Network Rail fence off stretch of disused line

Clevedon Mercury 14 July 2005

Pressure piles on for rail link campaign #

Evening Post 11 July 2005

Motorway money should be spent on trains #

North Somerset Times 6 July 2005

Stop building or face gridlock #

North Somerset Times 8 June 2005

On the wrong track?

North Somerset Times 1 June 2005

Track clearance gets a boost #

Clevedon Mercury 21 April 2005

No longer the end of the line? #

North Somerset Times 13 April 2005

New rail link hope

Evening Post 7 April 2005

Get back on track call

North Somerset Times 6 April 2005

Residents urged to help clear overgrowth from railway line #

Clevedon Mercury 24 March 2005

We must keep the rail line clear #

Evening Post 18 March 2005

The end of the line? #

North Somerset Times 2 Feb 2005

Join our campaign to reopen railway line (letter)

Evening Post 31 Jan 2005

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