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Press Articles 2017 - 2018 - latest at top

Below are most of the articles about the railway or with a connection, that have featured in the local press (and sometimes national media) in 2017 and 2018. The headlines below link to the newspapers’ archived articles or other websites. Unfortunately the Bristol Post has been deleting articles which are over a year old, so they are no longer available from this page. Some articles from previous years back to 2005 are still available - see bottom of page.

Rail routes axed under Beeching could re-open

Telegraph - 29 November 2017

Portishead line given £6million boost

Bristol Post - 15 November 2017

Beeching rail lines that campaigners say should be re-opened

Daily Mail - 26 October 2017

Portishead line 'not dead in the water' - Chris Grayling MP

Bristol Post - 6 July 2017

Soaring cost 'unacceptable' says Dr Liam Fox MP

North Somerset Times - 31 March 2017

Portishead line re-opening work to be done in stages

Bristol Post - 22 March 2017

Portishead line may never go ahead as costs spiral

Bristol Post - 9 March 2017

Portishead railway reopening hangs in the balance

North Somerset Times - 9 March 2017

Portishead rail line opening faces potential delay as costs soar

North Somerset Times - 7 February 2017

Portishead line revamp to exceed £58m

BBC News website - 17 January 2017

Work to finalise design due to be completed in January

Bristol Post - 2 January 2017

Press articles from earlier years: