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The Portishead Railway Group has long campaigned for the Portishead to Bristol railway line to be re-opened. Portishead, as a rapidly growing town badly needs a rail connection, and all recent studies have shown that this is commercially sound and financially affordable.

Re-opening is now going ahead as a key part of the MetroWest project which will link and upgrade the railway system in the Bristol area.

The line is now planned to open by early 2020 and Portishead Railway Group is closely monitoring progress.

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History: The railway opened on 18th April 1867 as a broad gauge branch and was operated by the GWR. The line was closed to passenger traffic in September 1964, and freight in 1981, then lay disused except for occasional steam specials, but in 2002 most of it was reopened for freight use only.

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MetroWest update Nov 2016

North Somerset Council buys land for station.

See News 28 Aug 2016.

Portishead Rail Services Summer 2016 update

Stage 1 Public Consultation report published.

See News 23 Dec 2015

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Date of opening now early 2020


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The future ? Our proposal for new station

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