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Rail infrastructure improvements      Updated Jan 2017

Reopening the Portishead line feeds off other Rail Infrastructure Improvements

Following MetroWest’s public consultation in 2015, many people have some idea of the works required along the line. What’s probably not so widely known is that reopening the Portishead line relies on completion of a number of other Bristol area rail infrastructure improvements. Here’s an outline of these other major items of rail infrastructure improvement and how they relate to reopening the Portishead line:

Parson Street Improvements

Filton Bank Improvements

Details …

Mainline Electrification

Bristol Area Signalling Re-engineering

    Details …

Although all four of the above Network Rail programmes are well underway, their individual completion dates are subject to some variation.  

BASRe is probably the back-marker for reopening the Portishead line, assuming the programme of Portishead line reinstating/upgrading works are finished before the end of BASRe’s 6-month moratorium. The Parson Street Improvements include some of the MetroWest Phase 1 workscope and may have to be implemented into the new control network after the 6-month post-BASRe moratorium has elapsed.

PRG will keep you informed regarding these other essential rail infrastructure programmes as they progress.

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