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This is a summary of the current situation:


Explanation of GRIP Process …

Option 1) Original proposal behind Lidl car park,

Option 2) East of Quays Avenue,

Option 3) North of Moor Farm.

Option 1 required a bridge over Quays Avenue, as a level crossing would not be allowed. Land near Waitrose had been reserved as a station site for many years. North Somerset rejected options 1 and 3 for the station site at Portishead and held a public consultation on three new potential station sites (options 2A, 2B and 2C) which closed on 28 July 2014. North Somerset Council decided on the station location (Option 2B map) on 17 March 2015. See News 17 March 2015.

See MetroWest update June 2016 and Portishead Rail Services Summer 2016 update.

  1. Upgrading Keynsham and Oldfield Park and Severn Beach Line stations to a ½ hourly service

(hourly beyond Avonmouth)

  1. Providing an initial frequency service to Portishead (1 train per hour)
  2. Providing a half hourly service to Portishead (2 trains per hour as originally planned).

Portishead Railway Group made a statement to the meeting. A hard copy of PRG's Statement was also provided. PRG Statement >>


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